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Student Resource Guide

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Funding Proposals

The Hillel Leadership Council funds activities and initiatives that help achieve its vision for Jewish life on campus. Hillel student groups, other student groups, and individual students are eligible to apply.

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-To apply for funding, please use this form.
-To submit a program evaluation, please use this form.

Publicity Procedure
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Information for all public Hillel events should be sent to What's NU is published every Monday during the school year. 

Important Logos
Use these logos on any Hillel advertising or communications*:
Purple Logo with White Lettering
Black Logo with White Lettering
Purple Logo
Black Logo
Hillel Refreshed Logo**

*If you need a vectored logo for promotional products, please e-mail
**Courtesy of Benjamin Singer

Cooking Shabbat Dinner
Click here for a guide to cooking Shabbat dinner at Hillel. This is a great way for your organization to give back to Hillel and do something fun together. 

Policy on Kashrut

As a pluralistic organization, Hillel is committed to enabling all students to participate in Jewish life while respecting diverse approaches to Jewish living. These guidelines are written with these aims in mind:

1. Any event that uses Hillel's kitchens or grills to prepare food must be supervised by a mashgiach, or kashrut supervisor. To arrange for a mashgiach at an event, please contact Joel Finbloom.
2. Any event in the Hillel building that is sponsored by a Hillel member organization and open to the public must serve only kosher food bearing acceptable certification. A list of acceptable certifications is available at
3. Any event outside the Hillel building that is sponsored by a Hillel member organization and open to the public must provide kosher options equivalent to other food being served at the event. In addition, at such events, Hillel funds may not be used to purchase non-kosher meat.
Any questions about these guidelines should be directed to Brian Lasman at 

Building Guidelines During Jewish Holidays
Fiedler Hillel seeks to provide an accessible, pluralistic space so that a wide variety of individuals and groups can feel comfortable and welcome in its building. We are proud that our space accommodates diverse needs – from theatre rehearsals and magazine editing, to religious services and Friday night dinner. One of the challenges of meeting these demands and maintaining a pluralistic environment is understanding the limitations of our space on Jewish Holidays. These guidelines are intended to address this challenge.

It is Hillel's foremost priority to ensure that every student's holiday observance and responsibilities are respected while in the building. For that reason, on Friday night, Saturday before sundown, and Yom Tov days (First two and last two days of Passover and Sukkot, and both days of Shavuot) we ask that when students are in public spaces – the front lobby and the dining room – they are sensitive to all who are using the space. This means, being careful not to: use electricity; play musical instruments; or in other ways interfere with our community's holiday experience. Within reason, these activities are permitted in the basement and other private areas.

We encourage groups affiliated with Hillel that hold events on these days to provide options so that those observing the holiday may be able to participate. Additionally, Hillel staff will work with individual student groups to guide them in a meaningful learning process about holiday observances, and in a process of decision-making that honors the Jewish holidays.

During Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, and the first two days of Passover, the building will not be available for meetings, rehearsals, and non-holiday activities. Student groups affiliated with Hillel may not hold events unrelated to these holidays during them.

The Campus Rabbi and the rest of the Hillel professional team are happy to answer any questions surrounding these guidelines. HLC and staff will give advance notice to all those who use the building when space usage will be limited. We will also place reminders around the building explaining which activities are important to consider during Jewish Holidays.

We appreciate everyone's cooperation in making Hillel's communal spaces a vibrant and welcoming place for everyone who uses them.